Reproduction Services

Wolff House Wallpapers, LLC provides reproduction services for historic wallpapers.  We are able to recreate in detail and duplicate the look of what old wallpapers represented when they were new.  Each wallpaper we reproduce is an individualized process.  We can work from fragments of old papers and can also recover patterns from a wall without disturbing the original wallpaper.

It's always fun and exciting to bring an old wallpaper back to life.  Bringing an old paper back is one of the greatest and most visable ways to contribute to the restoration of a historic building.

The cost of a wallpaper reproduction can only be determined after we receive a sample or a detailed photo.  This will allow us to determine the overall project scope and then we can give a firm price for reproduction and the cost of the printed wallpaper.

Wolff House Wallpapers, LLC reserves the right to add all reproduction patterns to its line of wallpapers to offer for sale.

Custom Wallpaper Colors

If you fall in love with one of our wallpaper designs but the color is not quite right, we have the ability to make custom colors.  Give us a call and we can discuss the possibilities.

Custom Designs

Custom design work can be provided to help with wallpaper placement and color selection.  Please contact us for details.



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