Paper Hanging
Masterpaperhanger Jim Yates, a student of historic wallpaper, offers archival installation services of reproduction wallpaper for historic house museums and private restorations. Having studied period paperhanging techniques and adopting conservation technology into the craft of paperhanging, Jim strongly believes that historic work is a craftsman's greatest challenge. And once the wallpapers are in hand, it's the paperhanger's task to animate paper and ink so that a replication of the past can be brought to life. And to promote longevity of the reproduction wallpapers, Jim uses only archival adhesives and acid free liners. Whether hanging reproduction wallpaper on stretched muslin over planks in a missionary house in Hawaii or on plaster walls in the elegant Blue Room of the White House, his craftsmanship is the finest. Jim welcomes you to review his impressive portfolio at Historic Wallpapering Specialties.


Jim installing wallpaper reproduced from original documents by Wolff House Wallpapers at the Boldman House in Dayton, Washington.