Wallpapers from 1870 to 1890

The McClellan/Clark House Wallpaper, circa 1890

Color: Medium tan ground with white, cream, dark red, metallic gold, and metallic dark green.

Repeat: 18 3/4 in.
Width: 18 1/4 in.
Price: $68.00/roll

This paper came to us from The McClellan/Clark House in Ashland, Ohio. The McClellan/Clark House was built in 1885 for Dr. Wilson and Easter McClellan, and is currently being lovingly restored by Rodney and Anne Mohr.


The Blue Orient Wallpaper and Border

The Blue Orient Wallpaper Circa 1880's

Color: Olive Green ground with red, raspberrry, blue, yellow, and black.

Repeat:19 in.,Width:18 1/4
Price: $63.00 per single roll.

This Wallpaper was recovered from the first floor of the Woodward Opera House in Mt. Vernon, Ohio.
Blue Orient Border
Color: Brown ground, yellow, light red, dark red, dark brown, and blue.
Height: 6 inches
Price: $25.00 per yard


Dahlia Wallpaper and Border

Dahlia Wallpaper
Color: Soft green ground with light red, dark red, cream, olive, black, and yellow
Repeat:12 5/8 in.
Width:18 3/8
Price: $62.00 per single roll.
Dahlia Border
Color: Printed on a soft green ground with red, pink, yellow, light yellow, light brown, dark brown and blue
Height: 9 inches
Price: $30 per  yard



Jumbo circa 1870's
Color: Light brown ground, metallic gold, pink, yellow, cream, and dark brown
Repeat19 1/4 inches
Width:18 1/2
Price: $76 per roll

This is a very unusual paper from a private residance in Arkansas.  It is probably from the mid 1870's since Jumbo the elephant was touring with the Barnum and Bailey  Circus at that time.  It has scenes titled, Jumbo, Art, and Music.


Boldman House Kitchen

The Boldman House Kitchen Wallpaper
Repeat: 16
Width: 18 5/8
Price: $67 per roll
Color:  This paper has a very dark olive green feel.  It has green, black, burnt orange, yellow, red and cream.

From the Boldman House in Dayton, Washington.



Dixon Wallpaper and Dado

Dixon Wallpaper circa 1870's
Color: Soft green ground with metallic gold, cream, and dark brown.
Repeat: 12 5/8 inches.  
Width: 18 1/2 inches.
Price: $59/ roll
Square Feet per roll: 23

This Wallpaper was reproduced from the Dixon House in Baltimore, MD.  It was discovered behind a pier miror and was the only sample remaining in the room. The Dixon house is in one of the oldest residential areas of Baltimore.
The Dixon Dado circa 1870's
Color: Light green ground, metalic gold, clay red, brown, green, olive and black.
Height: 21 inches
Price: $42 per yard.

This Wallpaper was reproduced from the Dixon House in Baltimore, MD.  The only sample remaining was hidden behind a pier miror, nessled away for over 125 years.



Passion Flower Border

The Passion Flower Border circa 1870's to 1880's
Color: Golden ground with dark red, medium red, orange red, pink, tan, brown, light green medium green and dark green.
Height: 15 inches
Price: $38.00 per yard

This border is from the Woodward Opera House in Mt. Vernon, Ohio.  It has been returned to the building which now houses Sips Coffee Shop.



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